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Shredding documents and labels is helpful, but shredders are so bulky, messy, and can be downright dangerous. That's why you need ID Shield, the stamp that conceals your personal information in a single swipe. Its uniquely-designed pattern completely masks sensitive information so it can't be stolen once it's thrown in the trash. READ FULL DESCRIPTION ID Shield is so easy to use. Simply roll the rubber stamper over whatever information you want hidden and viola - it's concealed beneath scrambled pattern. ID Shield's easy-glide roller works on all types of surfaces, even matt and glossy paper. It's perfect to use on tax documents, credit card statements, other bills, prescription labels, and so much more. ID Shield provides you with long-lasting coverage, issuing 1,000 swipes per roller. Avoid being a victim of identity theft with ID Shield.

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  • Conceals Personal Information
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  • Lightweight and Easy To Use
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  • Yes
  • One Swipe Hides Information
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  • Yes
  • Works On All Types of Surfaces
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  • Yes
  • Long Lasting & Easy To Store
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  • Yes

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Easily Conceal Your Sensitive & Personal Information With One Swipe of ID Shield!

Uniquely Designed Pattern Completely Masks Info Quickly & Effortlessly

Use ID Shield On Documents, Shipping Labels, Prescription Bottles, And So Much More!

ID Shield Is Long-Lasting With Over 1,000 Swipes and Stores Easily For Convenience

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